Tread the Narrow Path

Christian Wallpaper

This quote is attributed to Saint Clare of Assisi and it hit home for me. I abandoned my faith for many years, using those around me as a barometer for how I was supposed to think, talk, and act. I fell for the lure of cheap thrills and distractions, chasing after some worldly “freedom” and winding up walking into a self-made prison.

I allowed myself to gather strength from numbers rather than from God. The peer pressure consumed me, which I experienced not so much as being egged on by others, but more so as a self-induced need to fit in, feel accepted, and be cool… whatever I thought that elusive term meant, as it seemed to transform with every passing day.

This photo and its stairs are lockstep with a quote from Saint Clare: it is a narrow side street from her hometown Assisi, and perhaps one that she herself trod! Sister Clare’s words can provide encouragement to those finding themselves alone, when the world around them seems to have thrown religion out as outdated and stale.

The correct path is always correct, no matter how many people are on it or how much time has passed. Popularity nor time can change the truth, so don’t be discouraged in your journey to do the right thing.

Take it one step at a time and don’t run from loneliness: YouTube: Father Mike and Ascension Presents: Learning to be Alone

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