Tips for Applying Wallpaper to Mobile Devices

If you want to apply the wallpaper to mobile devices, here are some tips.

  1. If you want to be able to read the quote on your home screen, most phones let you put apps in folders or additional screens. Otherwise they cover up the quote. If you prefer apps to fill up your home screen, then some devices let you set the non-quote version for your home screen and the quote version for your lock screen!
  2. Most devices let you zoom and pan the wallpaper to get the exact position you want.
  3. If you use a tablet in both landscape and portrait orientation, I recommend using wallpaper with the “Square” download size available (only available on some wallpaper) since it minimizes how much the wallpaper zooms in when rotating your tablet. For the best results on an iPad, set the wallpaper while in portrait mode and turn off Perspective Zoom.