Chapter 7: “Just the Drugs”

As the visions wound down, I would slowly become rooted back again into my current reality. While back on earthly footing, I gripped with the feeling that I would never be the same again.

The occasional deep, deep thoughts still rushed into my conscience, but I remained where I was. I was left alone to steep in my own miserable, vulnerable confusion, wondering what I was doing with my life.

As evening rose over us, we eventually trudged our way over to the musical acts, and on two different occasions about an hour apart, I bumped into a friend, each from different chapters of my life. In a bubbly rush of urgent honesty, I unraveled my latest acidic episode to each of them as if they absolutely had to know this journey I took to other worlds.

One of them, as we parted, laughed and said, “I’ll see you later, in whatever world we’re in.” Those words came as no surprise to me. I had a full-blown, “Right?!” kind of reaction. There was more at play here, and I craved answers.

As the longest day of my life came to a close, our group circled together and hot-boxed in a hazy tent, passing a joint and reminiscing on the day’s events.

“What’d you guys think of the acid?” our friend asked, who had done it before.

One of the other first-timers, with big bright eyes full of awe, said, “I saw Jesus.”

I looked at him, quite surprised. He had never made it evident he was a Christian. Based on our current exploits, I concluded he was lapsed in his faith just as I was. Had anyone in this life truly seen Jesus before? How did he know it was him? But the way he said it, it was so emphatic. He knew it, and I believed him.

The friend remarking about other worlds earlier, and now this. “So I definitely wasn’t alone in all that,” I thought to myself.

“Yeah, I definitely saw themes of angels and demons, like good and evil.” I added.

We just sat there in silence, a brotherhood looking for answers in a thick haze.