Never Put a Period

Never Put a Period is my first release, an instrumental electronic track to encourage our despairing brothers and sisters not to take their own life. Towards the end is a vocoded phrase that sums up the track’s message: “Never put a period where God put a comma” based off the quote by Gracie Allen. I made a wallpaper with her quote here: Never Put a Period

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In this track, I extract bits of a dialogue from a film I thoroughly enjoyed called The Extrovert (Website, Instagram) written and directed by James Pinedo II, and produced by Lee Vigil. My heartfelt thanks go to them for allowing me to use this dialogue. It really evokes the feelings I was trying to capture in this song:

Martha: “What is death? I’ve been trying not to think about it.”

Fr. Peter: “I’ve seen death from time to time. Death is not a thing, it’s an unfathomable action that… ends everything we know… and begins everything that we don’t.”

Martha: “Is it hateful?”

Fr. Peter: “We die the same as we live. So if we live in love, we die falling deeper into it. But if we live in hate, we die still trapped in it.”

You can watch The Extrovert on common platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, or Tubi.