Create a Vision Board: Stepping Stones for Your Future
If you are feeling like you are stumbling about into the future, you should build a vision board. A vision board is a specific (and ideally a visual) agreement you make with yourself of key milestones you will accomplish in...
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Purgatory: Purification by Replaying Life’s Painful Moments?
A Dream on Replay Last night, I had a dream where I was replaying the same scenario. It seemed to be set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, and there was a group of non-religious people in my life seeking to kill...
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Spiritual Opposites
Physical OppositesLiving in New England gives me a deep appreciation of each season. The biting cold gives way to the heat of summer. Contrast is embedded throughout the design of existence itself. For example: Night and Day Dry and Wet...
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How Much Should I Donate?
What things can I donate, and how much should I donate? What's the balance of giving of ourselves? A common thought around this is in regards to donating our money and possessions. Does it necessarily mean to give all our...
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Designing the Kingdom Compass Logo
I wanted the logo for the Kingdom Compass project to be multilayered and symbolic, serving as a reflection of how the Bible is. You can a read a passage or verse at different points in your life or after having...
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Spiralbound: The Mystery of “Misms”
A strange dream reveals the name of my spiraling episodes.
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Strange bodies in The Garden of Earthly Delights reflect the vision of hell I experienced.
Vision of Hell Round 2: Hellhounds and Franken-bodies
A second haunting vision of hell I experienced in a dream gives me a taste of endless suffering, with souls fighting over malformed bodies and hellish dogs.
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Santa Maria Formosa Tabernacle
The Eucharist: Difficult Bread
A reflection on one of Christ's more difficult teachings about his body as food.
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The Book About My Life
A preview of a divine biography.
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Memorize Prayers with a Memory Palace
A 7-step visual guide to help enter into deeper prayer.
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